Welcome Georg M. Wieselthaler

Dear Colleagues and Guests,

It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you as the Congress President of the 22nd annual meeting of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps (ISRBP), which will be held in San Francisco, September 25-27, 2014.

Within the last two decades the field of mechanical circulatory support has seen dramatic growth in the use of rotary blood pumps in all possible forms and applications. At present, sophisticated technology implemented in rotary blood pumps dominates nearly all clinical applications of mechanical circulatory support. Rotary blood pumps are used for short-term support in ECMO-circuits or as assist devices in "Bridge to decision" procedures as well as for long-term support as "Bridge to transplantation" or "Destination therapy". Each rotary blood pump application is considered "State of the Art" in the treatment of patients with acute or chronic cardio-respiratory failure.

Our small but very prestigious Society holds a niche within the different scientific societies and is particularly notable as a procreative hybrid platform for engineers and clinicians, developers and users. Engineers continually enhance pump concepts. The latest technologies are most evident in the further miniaturization of rotary blood pumps, which highlight the landscape of mechanical circulatory support today. In the clinical arena we see improved patient management and more evidence based patient selection criteria, guaranteeing superior outcomes. Furthermore, new insights about interactions of pump/heart and technology/body will be our focus for the upcoming years.

After outstanding meetings in Istanbul (2012) and Yokohama (2013) the annual meeting of ISRBP returns, once again, to the North American continent in 2014. San Francisco, and the Bay Area at large, is renowned worldwide as a scientific "think tank" and is well known for its technological entrepreneurship. The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is the home of several Nobel Laureates and proudly acts as the host for the 2014 annual meeting of ISRBP.

The 22nd annual meeting of ISRBP will follow the tradition of the scientific hybrid platform for engineers and clinicians. In addition to an exciting scientific program with outstanding invited lectures, we will organize satellite symposia for VAD coordinators and perfusionists in order to facilitate vital communication and common learning among clinicians in our field.

San Francisco, known for its distinctive microclimate, is a city enveloped in fog, with views that change by hour and vantage point. "Out of the Fog, Into the Light" best describes not only this very unique city, but also the very unique process of managing this complex subset of patients requiring mechanical circulatory support therapy as well as accomplishes the great progress we have made over the last two decades. We look forward to welcoming you to San Francisco in September 2014.

Sincerely yours,

Georg M. Wieselthaler, MD
Congress President

Welcome from the president of ISRPB Georg M. Wieselthaler

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to invite everyone to attend and participate in the upcoming 22nd Congress of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps (ISRBP) to be held September 25 – 27 in San Francisco, CA.

It has been remarkable how much progress has been made in the past decade in the treatment of advanced heart failure and in large part due to the introduction and success of rotary blood pumps. With new technology being developed it appears as though the possibilities are endless. Central to this success has been the Annual Congress of the ISRBP. The ISRBP Congress gathers experts from many disciplines that are committed to developing better pumps, better technology and better outcomes for patients.

This year should be an exciting time for all of us interested in rotary blood pumps! I hope to see everyone in San Francisco in September.


Mark Slaughter, MD
ISRBP President


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